Valentine's Day Ideas


With all due respect to dinner, roses and a box of chocolates, your typical Valentine’s Day ideas could probably use a little shakeup. Nothing feels worse than going through the motions. To put an end to romantic mediocrity, we’ve got 4 reasons why AceBounce is the perfect decision for this upcoming V-day.

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Industry Night in Chicago


Change up the pace of your industry night Chicago and check out AceBounce. We take that “play hard” of the “work hard” expression to the next level. Here’s 5 Reason’s why AceBounce has a killer industry night.

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Unique Restaurants in Chicago


Is Chicago the new Food Capital of the US? I don't know, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say yes. Click to read why.

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Chicago Nightlife Downtown


IT'S FRIDAY! Let's talk about going out 'til the wee hours of the morn!

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Brunch Spots in Chicago


Here's 6 reasons why AceBounce is killing the Brunch Game (not just according to us, but mostly according to us) & can help you navigate this thing we call adult life.

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New Years Party At AceBounce!


Beer pong. Ping pong. Wonderball. Full moons & UV dance floor by DJ Step. Blacklight makeup for the perfect photo.... NYE at Acebounce!

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Happy Hour in River North


AceBounce’s Happy Hour runs from 4:00-7:00 PM Monday through Friday. $5 drink specials from our friends at Ketel One and Lagunitas will help you numb your brain, while the mild activity of smacking a ball at your mates is proven to increase intelligence. Trust us. While we’re not doctors, but we do play them on TV from time to time, so it counts.

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Things to Do in Downtown Chicago


Regardless of if you’re in town to see the sights for the first time, or if you’re one of our lovely residents that fell in love with this gem of the Midwest and never left, there are a lot of things to do in downtown Chicago.

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What's Going On In Chicago


Chicago is absolutely wonderful during the holidays with plenty to see and do, but when you're done ice skating or enjoying zoo lights, come on down to AceBounce to warm up with a hot toddy and an energetic game of ping pong. We've got a lot going on here to help you celebrate: from holiday decor, to holiday themed brunch menus, to Wonderball (which isn't holiday themed, but is awesome anyway). And we just extended our business hours so you can get out of the office for lunch every day at 12 PM.

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Christmas Party Ideas


Looking for Christmas party ideas? Why not do something different this year? Something interactive & fun. And most importantly, that gets people out of the office so you don't end up with 500 photocopies of Janice in accounting's hands. Come on Janice. It was funny the first time, now it's just getting old.

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Thanksgiving Dinner in Chicago


AceBounce is your one stop shop for the Thanksgiving blues. Did you have to work through the holiday? Are you dealing with difficult customers looking for the next hottest toy or gift? Slinging drinks for people who just won’t leave the bar?

We have a gift for you!

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Chicago in December


Chicago in December is a wonderful sight. The days get shorter, which is great, because it means we get to show off our skyline for longer. We have Zoo Lights in Lincoln Park, the Morton Arboretum decked out in LED, Millennium Park gorgeously decorated, and Chicago’s famous architecture shooting lights into space - just as a friendly reminder that we put the mid-west on the map!

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Christmas Activities in Chicago


Christmas activities in Chicago – the Christkindlmarket, skating at Maggie Dailey or Millenium Park, hunting for Santa Claus while watching the official Christmas tree lighting ceremony, and of course, our favorite – zoo lights. But what about AceBounce? We’re pairing ping-pong with Christmas, and you’re definitely going to want to get in on that!

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Best Brunch Places in Chicago


AceBounce is one of THE best brunch places in Chicago – but why? Could it be the fact that our menu is phenomenal? Could it be that the food is carted around the venue straight to your table? No looking around for a server, and definitely no order envy? How about all of those things?

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Best Christmas Party


There’s been a lot of competition for title of the best Christmas Party throughout the ages. The first one ever was thrown in a manger, and only about 10 people showed up. AND there was this baby crying the whole time – LAME!

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Bottomless Brunch In Chicago


What do we love about Brunch? An excuse to start immediately eating and drinking as early as possible with society’s blessing? An attempt to fix what was supposed to be a low-key Friday or Saturday night? Or just the fact that the entire concept mixes Breakfast and Lunch, which is just a state of mind in our eyes, not a time of day?

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Holiday Party in Chicago


Ahhh, the end of the summer. Nothing beats the 2 beautiful weeks of fall, right before you start digging through the back of your closet for boots and scarves. We know you’re prepping like we are, you’re in the last quarter of 2017, and you’re a little anxious, but you’re not sure why.

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Filming Locations in Chicago


One reason that so many people the world over are familiar with Chicago’s landmarks could be the multitude of movies and TV shows that are filmed in the city each year. With a deep resumé of films shot on location in Chicago, from classic 80s flicks such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Blues Brothers, to modern blockbusters like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight film franchise, Chicago makes its mark on the film industry over and over again.

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Fun Team Building Activities


Finding time to break out of the office mold with fun team building activities is a particularly useful tool for reinforcing workplace bonds and strengthening relationships in the office. The variety of team building activities is surprisingly rich, so the team doesn’t need to settle for outdated activities that lack imagination or creativity.

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30th Birthday Party Ideas


Turning 30 years old may be a minor milestone in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a significant birthday because you get to acknowledge the fact that you survived your twenties. But because it’s a big birthday doesn’t mean it should be a planning nightmare. It’s a party — don’t forget to have fun! Here are some 30th birthday party ideas that let you celebrate in style while still allowing you to have serious fun.

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Corporate Team Building Activities


If your office needs an infusion of life, or merely some constructive fun, then you should look into the options for corporate team building activities.

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Unusual Christmas Parties in Chicago


Christmas parties can fall into a predictable pattern. There’s the obligatory gift exchange, some kind of buffet and probably there’ll be warm spiced wine to sip on. These ideas are pretty routine, and just like Christmas they come around every year with a degree of reliability.

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Work Christmas Party in Chicago


Who plans your work Christmas party? Is it Linda in HR? Ugh. OK, Linda has some pretty great ideas — the free snacks in the break room definitely are a lifesaver — but when it comes to fun party ideas it’s best to get some fresh perspective on things. Here are some places that break the mold on hosting epic holiday parties for your entire office.

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Birthday Party Places in Chicago


There are some establishments that just scream birthday party, like the trampoline palaces, laser tag joints and go-kart tracks. But those are all flung far outside of the city, so if you’re looking for a birthday place in Chicago, where do you go? The city has plenty to offer, don’t worry. Here are a few of the top places around Chicago for a truly awesome birthday party.

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Team Building Events in Chicago


Trust falls, ropes courses and ‘Guess the lie’ games are the typical sort of events that go along with team building days. But there are places and ways to build lasting bonds with your team that move completely beyond the typical examples. Check out these fun and unique places in and around Chicago for some quality team building events.

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Summer Party Ideas


OK, the ingredients for throwing a legendary summer party are as follows: your best friends, great tunes, good food and an activity that will keep everyone active and loving life for the whole time you’re partying. Summer is bright, it’s vibrant and it should keep you feeling up and in a good mood the whole time! Here are some can’t-miss legendary summer party ideas.

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Need Some Birthday Ideas in Chicago?


Your birthday happens every year, unless you’re one of those leap year babies (apologies if that’s the case — do you even age at the same rate or what?), so it can be taxing to come up with completely original birthday celebration ideas in Chicago year after year. Here are some original birthday ideas in Chicago that will make your day extra memorable.

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Team Bonding in Chicago


Every executive or manager is looking for opportunities to foster a healthy work environment for their team. If not, well, consider this a wake up call for some serious team bonding! Get your team assembled and excited to participate in these activities throughout Chicago.

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Venues in Chicago


If you fancy yourself a pragmatic event planner, it makes sense to hope for the best while still planning for the unexpected. But when you’re looking for a venue in Chicago, you can be assured of the best when you stick to these venues around town.

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Nice Restaurants in Chicago


Chicago boasts a wide array of nice restaurants for diners of all tastes and gastronomic inclinations. Some of the nicest restaurants can stretch the budget pretty far, but if you’re looking for a nice meal that won’t break the bank then Chicago’s dining scene offers plenty of affordable and unique options.

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Discovering Dining in Chicago


Discovering awesome dining in Chicago is far from impossible. Like the story of the city itself, the only requirement to find good spots for dining in Chicago is a bold first step and then you can happen upon something truly worthwhile. So don’t let a bit of foraging, walking or descending down poorly lit staircases deter you; there’s a high margin of return for taking a visit off the beaten path for Chicago’s best hidden dining gems.

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If You Are Looking For Good Food in Chicago


Chicago has a robust tourist market, and it should come as no surprise with all the sights and unique experiences on offer in the city that millions of visitors flock to Chicago each year. But whatever your reason for visiting might be, don’t compromise with fast food or chain restaurants when you come to Chicago! There’s so much good food in Chicago that can measure up against the best cuisine in the United States.

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What to do in Chicago


Ping pong, great food and jokes. Dude. When you’re looking to combine the best things to do in Chicago, definitely help yourself to a heaping portion of delicious food by an award-winning chef, throw in an activity (such as ping pong) and sprinkle some of the city’s finest performers plucked from the ranks of Second City or Improv Olympic to show you a few trick shots.

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Where to eat in Chicago


1901 Restaurant, the 44-seat restaurant housed within AceBounce’s buzzing ping pong venue transports guests with global flavors and energetic surroundings that are unavailable in any other fine dining establishment in Chicago

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Unique Bars in Chicago


While other unique bars in Chicago might go up to the very top floor, AceBounce does its thing below street level. After entering on Clark Street and descending a grand staircase, you’re met with nearly 15,000 square feet of pure party potential.

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What are the Cool Places in Chicago?


Great music, lively activity, strong drinks and top-notch food. You can’t get them all in one place, right? INCORRECT! AceBounce has all the things that are needed to kickstart a party. Any night of the week. All night.

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Discover the Top Bars in Chicago


Take a break from the constant commotion of Chicago’s big city life with these top bars around town. The craft beer scene has taken hold in Chicago, but there are still plenty of places that adhere to the art of a good cocktail. Here are a few spots that will hook you with inventive recipes and keep your glass full. Good times

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Places To Eat in Chicago


Chicago is the home of encased meats and expertly cooked steaks. Two ends of the spectrum that cater to the working throngs with efficiency but also delight diners who are seeking a more elevated meal. But when it comes to finding places to eat in Chicago, don’t settle for the nearest hot dog joint or chain restaurant. Seek out these gems of Chicago’s dining scene if you’re looking for a place to eat that stands out in Chicago.

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Chicago ‘Barcades’ And Restaurants - AceBounce Review: Loyola Phoenix


Chances are, you’ve probably been to a dive bar with one lonesome pinball machine, but some of Chicago’s most exciting bars are home to entire arcades.

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Ways to Have Fun in Chicago


Chicago has so many fun neighborhoods and happenings around town, from the music festivals to the friendly pubs to the sporting events, that it’s a wonder anybody from this town can come across as sour. But then again, there is some pretty serious weather to contend with for more than half the year. OK, looking past the Midwestern weather, there’s really no excuse for staying cooped up and not enjoying all of the fun in Chicago.

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Chicago's Best Restaurant


The mantle of Chicago’s best restaurant is no mean feat nowadays, as Chicago, long a capital of lavish steakhouses and dining halls, is undergoing a sort of culinary renaissance. Chefs have rediscovered the joys of going back to the roots of various ethnic and regional cuisine. Whereas twenty years ago it was all the rage to go small in fine dining, these days kitchens are bringing back big flavors and traditional techniques that may have been more common in family recipes than fine dining establishments.

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Private Parties Chicago


Chicago has taken the maxim “make no small plans" from visionary architect Daniel Burnham to somewhat extreme lengths. From record-shattering skyscrapers to celebrated cuisine, the style of Chicago is decidedly big. Then it also makes sense that Chicagoans prefer to throw big parties. And the city of big shoulders is very accommodating when it comes to hosting big parties in style.

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Fun Places to go in Chicago


If you were asked to do a roundup of all the fun places to go in Chicago, you’d come up with a pretty exhaustive list. It may take a lifetime to tick off all the boxes, in fact. Anyone feel like doing a ‘Groundhog Day’ scenario in the Windy City? Take a number, folks. But since nobody lives forever, here are a few solid choices to get you started.

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Nightlife in Chicago


Chicago has been making significant waves in the culinary scene but it’s reputation as a solid town for going out is no less impressive. With the Midwestern metropolis’ appetite for partying, all that good food is a much needed base to soak up the libations. Here are a few tried and true night spots in Chicago that keep the tunes pumping and the drinks flowing.

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Things To Do in Chicago


Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport was ranked as the second busiest international airport in the United States for 2016. So with all these people flying into Chicago, there must be some pretty cool stuff to do. Right? The answer, of course, is yes. So much to do. What are the top things to do in Chicago if you’re in for a visit?

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Good Restaurants in Chicago


Geography tends to have an outsized impact on the makeup and nature of a city. Chicago is no exception. Situated at the doorway to the Great Lakes and the great plains of the Midwest, Chicago is the bridge between the busy shipping corridors of the eastern seaboard and the vast hinterland of America’s breadbasket.

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Fun Things To Do in Chicago This Weekend


Here’s the situation: you just wrapped up a hectic workweek and you know it’d be grand to burn through some of that hard-earned dough while socializing with friends. But where to do it? Here are a few suggestions that present unparalleled fun in Chicago over a weekend.

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Winter Activities in Chicago


Midwestern winters are famous for being long and cold. Even though winter weather around Chicago can be rough on the heating bill, the city still offers plenty of activities if you can brave the cold for just a bit. Grab your favorite goose down coat and throw on some gloves — it’s time to explore the wonderful winter activities in Chicago!

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Discover Alternative Party Venues in Chicago


It doesn’t take a rare occasion such as the Cubs winning the World Series for the city of Chicago to throw a party. In fact, any old day of the week is reason enough to grab as many friends as you can and unleash the party animal that dwells deep down in the soul. The trick is finding the right party venue in Chicago to do it. Here are a few clutch suggestions to kicking the party vibes all the way up to 11 on your next night out in Chicago.

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Some of The Coolest Bars in Chicago


Chicago has a nice variety of bars. There are the unassuming neighborhood watering holes, where you might go to catch a ball game or hang out on a slow weeknight. You’ve got the themed bars that stick to a certain genre of drink menu, tiki bars and speakeasies are classic examples of bars that offer an escape from reality by committing to their themes.

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Most Exciting Cocktail Bars in Chicago


The craft cocktail movement has made a home in Chicago. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given Chicago’s enduring status as a regional and global magnet for talented chefs and mixologists. While the city continues to draw in flavors from around the globe, the locals have caught on to the revived art of the cocktail, an art that’s fully recovered nearly a century since Prohibition was the law of the land.

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Where to Find the Best Sports Bar in Chicago


Chicago is a drinking town with a little bit of a sports problem. The success and failures of its storied local sports teams can influence the mood of the entire city in pretty rapid succession. Whether it’s the elation from watching the Cubs clinch the World Series, or the dejection of watching the Cubs lose a chance at the World Series, there’s a rollercoaster ride of emotion involved with being a Chicago sports fan.

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River North Bars and Restaurants


Big occasions from birthdays, office parties, class reunions, and conferences can be legitimate enough excuses to pile into one of the many River North area bars in Chicago. But River North doesn’t have to be the destination of only dressed up corporate cliques looking for a place to snack on hot wings and chatter behind the boss’ back.

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Discover The Best Of Chicago Bars


Chicago bars run the gamut from the gleaming high end playgrounds where thirsty visitors can imbibe finely crafted cocktails, such as the Berkshire Room, to well trodden and familiar places that wear their signs of age like badges of pride, places like The Berghoff with its warm, wooden drinking lounge on Adams Street.

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Looking for Where to Eat in Chicago?


Chicago is embracing the nickname of Culinary Capitol. The James Beard Award dinner has signed on keep Chicago as host city for another five years beyond 2016. Superstar chefs with national followings are choosing Chicago as the spot to open new restaurants and pilot exciting new culinary concepts.

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Best New Restaurants in Chicago - Overview


Chicago restauranteurs opened tons of new concepts in 2016, and there’s little sign they’re slowing down anytime soon. Among the whirlwind of new opens, a few really stood out as favorites among Chicago’s foodie community. Here are some of the most beloved and buzzed about openings from around the city in 2016, some of the best new retsurants in Chicago.

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River North Chicago Restaurants & More


River North is an interesting spot in Chicago. Is it truly a neighborhood? Or is it just an amalgamation of restaurants and hotels? If you pay attention to the restaurant scene in Chicago, and if you have any enthusiasm toward that scene, then you’re probably shouting, “Of course River North is a neighborhood!” at your screen now.

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Some Of The Best River North Restaurants


River North is a magnet for Chicago social groups on any given Friday or Saturday night. Of course many of these groups are looking exclusively for destinations with local beers on tap and craft cocktails flowing from the bar.

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Cool Chicago Venues


So you've got some out of town friends coming in to visit, and let’s just say, they are hard to impress. Grabbing a burger at Wendy’s and staring at ‘The Bean’ just won’t cut it with these folk. So worry not, we will give you the definitive short list of the coolest venues in Chicago.

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Ping Pong or Table Tennis in Chicago: So How Is it Called?


What to call the game one would play with paddles, balls, a table, and a net? And what is AceBounce - is it a place where you can play table tennis in Chicago or is it a Chicago ping pong venue?

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What Is All the Fuss About Ping Pong Bars in Chicago?


Assume for a second that your grasp on the game of ping pong has been wildly misinformed for basically your entire life. Don’t beat your brain over it, that’s why AceBounce has arrived to become one of the best ping pong bars Chicago: to enlighten all you fine folks.

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New Chicago Ping Pong Venue - AceBounce


Our first two ping pong bar locations were rapidly enshrined as top destinations for London’s nightlife scene. That's why we brought the formula for a stellar ping pong bar to an international audience - welcome new Chicago ping pong venue - AceBounce.

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Event Planners: Put a Spin on Boring Outings with Ping Pong


Your office mates may love their jobs but one thing they’re less likely to love is staring at the same four walls day in and day out. A change of scenery is not only good practice, it’s practically expected in a lively and active city such as Chicago. Networking opportunities abound in Chicago’s metropolitan area, and the Loop is a popular gathering spot. So where to take the team for a much-needed jolt of energy?

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