30th Birthday Party Ideas


Turning 30 years old may be a minor milestone in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a significant birthday because you get to acknowledge the fact that you survived your twenties. But because it’s a big birthday doesn’t mean it should be a planning nightmare. It’s a party — don’t forget to have fun! Here are some 30th birthday party ideas that let you celebrate in style while still allowing you to have serious fun.

Art + Booze = Fun

Art goes a little smoother when the creative juices are flowing, and having a glass of wine nearby is a handy way to tap into your underlying artist. Boozy art classes can cater to students with varying levels of artistic ambition, and you may feel like a veritable van Gogh in training if you sip enough of the “creative juice” during your class (hopefully minus the Dutch artist’s famous bouts of mania, of course). Even if it’s been ages since you wielded a paint brush, applying colors to canvas with the company of friends and a few sips of wine can be surprisingly therapeutic and fun at the same time. Overall a fine way to rediscover some hidden talents and feel a bit sophisticated while you do it.

Ping Pong Party

Play like you’re still young yet party like you’re old enough to know what you’re doing. Pitchers of cheap beer and sticky bar floors? Leave that for the twenty-something crowd. Get your entire set of friends around a ping pong table, toss them some grown-up cocktails, order some irresistible bites from serious chefs and set the entire thing to the best music on earth. That’s the experience on offer at Chicago’s most chic sporting hall, AceBounce. The concept came bounding into Chicago’s social gaming scene in 2016 and has taken the market by storm, quickly establishing a rabid fan following for its stylish decor, including an alternate UV light mode with graffiti-inspired iridescent artwork covering the walls and ceiling, and the venue has shown an ability to throw one-of-a-kind birthday parties. A big factor is the signature giant cupcake, delivered to your ping pong table with an oversized sparkling candle that’s closer to a road flare than a measly birthday candle. If you’re planning on going big for your 30th birthday, then AceBounce is one place that won’t disappoint.

Cooking Class

Chefs are the new rock star class in most big cities (aside from, y’know, actual rock stars). The explosion of TV shows following celebrated chefs and the fanfare around new restaurant openings are proof that America has a serious fascination with cooking. While the mad skills of these high-powered chefs certainly pay the bills, good cooking should be accessible to everyone! Book a cooking class for your big birthday, because there’s really no good excuse for being completely useless in the kitchen by the time of your 30th birthday. Cooking classes can be enjoyed with a group or as a couple, but there’s no shame in rolling in there solo, either. Even if most of your newfound cooking skills will be used for making your own meals, you should be treating yourself.