Bachs and Balls


Love is love is love is love and we cannot be more excited to be a part of these monumental life celebrations. But how do you plan an amazing Bachelorette Party in the beautiful city of Chicago? There are so many fun Bachelorette Party ideas Chicago can offer that it’s easily a case of “sometimes too many options, is too many options” (looking at you Netflix…).

Here are a few Bachelorette Party ideas & tips to help you celebrate:

  • PLAN AHEAD Start looking at venue options at least 2 months in advance of the decided Bachelorette Party date. Start the conversation with the events team (AceBounce’s team can be reached at [email protected]). Planning ahead lets you quote out options for places that the bachelorette will enjoy and that the bridal party & other guests can save for.
  • WORK A BUDGET Weddings are an expensive industry – so it’s natural that the bachelorette party scene is too. Don’t plan an extravagant “last hurrah” that only a few people can afford. Remember, money is a sensitive subject for some people so sticking to a reasonable and agreed upon budget is always key. Also, bachelorette parties shouldn’t be a “last hurrah” (hence air quotes on this phrase). You should look at celebrating yourself, others and love no matter if you’re getting hitched or not. But I’m not tell you how to live your life, just you know – where to have your bachelorette party (have it at AceBounce because our Bachelorette Package is only $40/person (inclusive of tax + tip)!)
  • MIX BACHS AND BALLS TO AVOID AWKWARD FIRST ENCOUNTERS Get your head out of the gutter – I mean ping pong balls, obviously. There’s something nerve-wracking about bringing together different groups of people in your life, especially in times of celebration. So yes, your closest friends may appreciate those balls but your mom & cousin might not be the crowd you want to be with for that. We’ve all seen those B-list movies where it’s awkward mixing important groups in your life and shenanigans happens – well, Bachelorette Parties sometimes include family. And I know I get a little anxiety when my friends who know me meet my family that know me in a different way. Will they click? How weird will it be? Besides me, what else do they possibly have to talk about? Bring your Bachelorette Party together over competitive games of ping pong & beer pong at AceBounce and ease into an awkward-free night ahead!

At the end of the day, don’t forget to have fun!