Best Brunch Places in Chicago


It’s Saturday morning. Your friends are in from out of town, and last night, you reverted to your college days, with their encouragement of course. Now they want to see all the sights this beautiful city has to offer, and that means going downtown…on a weekend. You’re not doing this hungry, nor sober, so where are the best brunch places in Chicago?

How about ping-pong? It sounds like absolute lunacy, but Chicago…bear with me. I promise it’s worth hearing.

AceBounce is one of THE best brunch places in Chicago – but why?

Could it be the fact that our menu is phenomenal? Could it be that the food is carted around the venue straight to your table? No looking around for a server, and definitely no order envy? How about all of those things? You can try the whole menu – it’s all you can eat, and with a culinary team inspired and led by one of Chicago’s favorite chefs Rick Gresh, you definitely will not go hungry.

Why else is AceBounce one of the best brunch places in Chicago? Could it be bottomless mimosas and Bloody Mary’s? Would it be a Bloody Mary skewer station? Or maybe the fact that our service staff is dedicated to helping you through your Saturday or Sunday morning? What if we could offer all of those things and more, at $39 a person?

At this point I assumed you’ve garnered your out-of-town guests’ attention. Here’s a quick way to seal the deal. 16 gorgeous Butterfly ping-pong tables, free for you to explore. A Games Guru leading hilarious group games that require no actual skill. Prizes to put on the fridge at home. And, 15,000 square feet of an aesthetically fantastic, UV inspired, subterranean adult playground, restaurant, and bar, located right in the Loop.

You can go see the Bean! Go to Navy Pier, even if it’s freezing cold! Get those friends the best Chicago experience you can! But bring them to AceBounce to satisfy all your early morning brunch needs, because otherwise…well otherwise, you’re sober, hungry, and standing in line to get to the top of Willis tower, so have fun with that.