Best Christmas Party


There’s been a lot of competition for title of the best Christmas Party throughout the ages. The first one ever was thrown in a manger, and only about 10 people showed up. AND there was this baby crying the whole time – LAME!

While we respect gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, we think we might have a better gift for you. Wine’s definitely stronger than it was back then, and I bet the 3 Wise Men wouldn’t have been so wise if they’d had access to our cocktail list. But we can’t change the past, so how do we bridge the gap between the times of old and the present – and would it be right to go about it halfheartedly?

Absolutely not! The only thing you can do to bridge the gap is to celebrate accordingly. And halfheartedly? Well, the phrase “celebrating halfheartedly” hasn’t been written before until this very moment, so how do we fix it?

How about throwing the best Christmas Party you can find in the Loop? How about food and drink packages curated by a renowned chef and mixologist? How about a space decked out with UV paint, black lights, a 50ft cocktail bar, a full restaurant, and 17 ping-pong tables?

Sounds like outrageous fun, right? If only there were a spot that had all these incredible activities. Someone should open one up downtown, and they should throw parties every single day of the week. Maybe in a beautiful location, right by the River Walk?

You probably think that’s a great idea, and that’s great, because we think so too, which is why you’ve got AceBounce. Our gigantic venue, world class food and drink programs, and dedicated teams of event experts are here to help you plan the best Christmas Party you didn’t know you’d have. Never before has a party been so interactive, engaging, immersive, and all about YOUR experience, which is why the best possible place to be is down with us at AceBounce!

We know grandma wants you to fly home so she can mention how disappointed in you she is, but we’re here to alleviate some of that holiday stress. From the initial planning phases, all the way through to picking up your balls for you, a Christmas experience at AceBounce is one for the ages indeed. If the Wise Men show up, they’ll be talking about this one for years.