Need Some Birthday Ideas in Chicago?


Your birthday happens every year, unless you’re one of those leap year babies (apologies if that’s the case — do you evenage at the same rate or what?), so it can be taxing to come up with completely original birthday celebration ideas in Chicago year after year. Here are some original birthday ideas in Chicago that will make your day extra memorable.

Indoor skydiving

Always wanted to experience the thrill of free-falling through the atmosphere without actually, y’know, leaping out of an airplane? Indoor skydiving joints have landed in the city to accommodate adventurous, yet sensible, thrill-seekers on their birthdays. These facilities put a gigantic fan on the floor and then you basically float above it to get the feeling of weightlessness. Cowabunga!


For the birthday planner who wants the best of everything for their bash, then AceBounce is the place to have it. Fun and original games combine with food from award-winning chefs beside 16 Ping Pong tables. A 50-foot cocktail bar cranks out tasty concoctions with premium spirits and the atmosphere is kept lively by DJs spinning the best tunes in Chicago. Make it a show-stopping event with the signature giant cupcake, delivered to your table and topped with a sparkling flare, and your guests will be having so much fun they won’t mind if you school them in a few games of Ping Pong. This might be one of the best birthday ideas in Chicago!

Brewery Tours

Learn about the ancient craft of beer brewing during your birthday. If the learning part sounds a bit stuffy, don’t worry: you get to drink beer while you learn! Chicago is packed with breweries, from the big operations like Lagunitas’ massive, million square foot brewery, to small-scale artisanal outfits like Moody Tongue. After you get through the brewery tour, head to the taproom afterwards to sample more of the brews on site or fill up a growler on your way out. If you avoid blacking out, then it’s guaranteed to be a birthday memory you’ll remember fondly.