Planning Birthdays should be Fun & Easy!


There is nothing worse than trying to plan a birthday party only to find yourself second guessing nearly every decision you try to nail down because you’re stressing over whether or not all the different groups of friends you’re bringing together will have a good time. Brenda doesn’t like obnoxiously loud music but she’s my best friend. John hates formal seated dining but he can’t not be there. And Ellie with the food allergies – she’s like our social glue, she has to be able to eat something.

We’ve all been there. But look – you can’t please everyone. Thankfully, one of the best Birthday Party places in Chicago is located right on the corner of Clark & Wacker.

Hosting your birthday party at AceBounce Chicago means a few things:

  • 1 hour of Peak Ping Pong play time
    • LITERALLY the perfect ice breaker when bringing together all your different friend groups to celebrate the sun in their life (you of course)
  • A bucket of Beer or Bubbles (1 bucket per 5 guests)
    • Buckets are set to be ice cold & ready for when you’re scheduled to arrive. No waiting around a crowded bar to get the party flowing!
  • A sweet & sparkly Giant Cupcake
    • It is not a birthday without a cake. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Pick-Any-3 Food Bites (off our bites menu)
    • 3 different food options that are constantly replenished throughout your reservation! Our eagle eye servers keep track of food supplies & order fresh plates before your group even knows they need one.
  • Only $40/person (inclusive of tax & tip!)
    • That means A) no headaches because we’re here to party & celebrate a birthday, not do math – and B) if someone decides they can actually make it or has to drop out last minute, you & your guest aren’t expected to pay more than you bargained for. We don’t let the Flakey Frans & Last Minute Mandys impact your final bill.

Birthday Party Places in Chicago – AceBounce

You really can’t go wrong with planning your birthday party at AceBounce. Contact our reservations team at [email protected] to learn more.