Brunch Spots in Chicago


Brrrrrunch! In the winter, we stay indoors, we’re a little less worried about what we eat… But with all the rooftop and patio brunch spots out of commission, where’s a hungry fellow like myself to find brunch spots in Chicago?

AceBounce of course! We’re one of the best brunch spots in Chicago, and that’s not just us tooting our own horn. Bitches Who Brunch named us “Best Bottomless Brunch in Chicago” in their 2017 round up. Read all about it here: 2017 Best & Worst Brunches

But hey, who has time to read? Let us recap why we’re amongst the best brunch spots in Chicago:

1) It’s bottomless. (Keep yer pants on, we mean UNLIMITED.) Thats unlimited mimosas. Unlimited DIY bloody mary’s. Unlimited brunch food, served to the starving hordes via a trolley cart by our dedicated management team.

2) It’s in a basement. This fact gets two points in it’s favor because a) you’re sheltered from the cold, cold world outside and b) if you’re hungover, the last thing you need in life is the glare of a baleful sun, or the harsh light of day on your under eye circles (no hate there, it happens to all of us!)

3) If you are hungover from a rowdy Friday night, may I point out again that it is bottomless? That’s ENDLESS hair-of-the-dog and just the right items to assuage your not so great feeling stomach.

4) If you’re not recovering from a night of debauchery- there’s a bunch of different ping pong games being led by our Games Gurus that are absolutely a blast to play (and maybe a good way to meet that person your Mom keeps asking you about when you’re home for Christmas). You could even win a medal. A real one. And yes, we let you take it home.

5) If you’ve gotten to this point and you’re still unimpressed, may I also point to the sweet melodies being played in a well-decorated, unpretentious venue where people really don’t mind if you dance like you’re at a wedding.

6) If this still isn’t enough to convince you, maybe brunch just isn’t your thing? Thats ok too. I still like you.

Anyways, that about sums up all the reasons why AceBounce is one of the best brunch spots in Chicago. If you’re into next level brunching, just hit that “inquire now” button.