Chicago in December


Chicago in December is a wonderful sight. The days get shorter, which is great, because it means we get to show off our skyline for longer. We have Zoo Lights in Lincoln Park, the Morton Arboretum decked out in LED, Millennium Park gorgeously decorated, and Chicago’s famous architecture shooting lights into space – just as a friendly reminder that we put the mid-west on the map!

These are all great to see, but not necessarily great to have to travel to see. Outside is a little bit nippily, there’s ice in places there shouldn’t be – your hair, your nose, etc. – and every so often, snow falls from a rooftop and nails someone. Probably doesn’t make for the best outing you could hope for.

So let’s skip the snow and the ice. Let’s find a place that has heating, amazing food, maybe even some alcohol? Let’s find a place that has some Christmas lights also worth seeing – maybe even a 15,000 sq. foot venue painted with UV paint from the ceiling to the floor, surrounded by strategically placed black lights, and neon lights that will make you insta-famous?

Forget about the tundra for a few hours and come down to AceBounce! We have all of those things already, and getting through Chicago in December can’t be done in a regular state of mind, so let’s change that.

Play ping-pong on our 2016 Olympic Final Table. Sit down and take a load off in our world class restaurant led by celebrity chef Rick Gresh. Hang out at our 50 foot cocktail bar with our bartenders, serving you premium cocktails designed and curated by Chicago’s renowned, award-winning mixologist, Peter Vestinos.

Our sales team is standing by to pre-emptively strike on your seasonal depression. Their event expertise and welcoming demeanor will make you feel like you’ve found your new home. They’ll help plan, communicate, and execute your event without a hitch.

Next year, we can promise that you won’t even think about going to Zoo Lights without stopping for ping-pong and pizza first, but please – check the chilliness at the door, because we have all the warmth you’ll need to get through the winter.