Chicago Nightlife Downtown


So, if you’re like me, you work all week. By the time Friday rolls around, you are ready to let off some serious steam. And living in a city like Chicago, you’ve got a ton of options.

Here’s my top picks of the best of Chicago Nightlife downtown:

1) Beauty Bar- ugh, just ugh. Every time I go there, I just dance the night away. Great music, great people! Maybe not downtown downtown, but it’s a 5 min cab ride away.

2) LiqrBox- Fully transparent, I have not been here as it’s a brand new spot. However, the pics look amazing and there’s cocktails in juice box format so I know I won’t spill on myself- perfect if you’re wearing white.

3) The Underground – an old staple if you’re looking to dress to the 9’s and hobnob with the rich & famous. Get there early, it fills up fast!

4) Spybar – home of the unz. Chicago is the home of house music, so if you’re looking for some real Chicago house, head to our fellow basement-dwellers at Spybar!

5) Bodega – I just really love the design of the entry way which is hidden in the back of house of what appears to be a candy store. If you, like me, enter and try to buy candy, don’t worry a helpful guide will direct you where to go. It’s also a very short walk from AceBounce, so you could combine the two into the perfect night.

Ok, so those are my top picks for Chicago Nightlife Downtown, but let’s face it, some of these places are pretty intense. You may want to get a few drinks in before you wade into the beautiful chaos that is the Chicago nightlife scene. So when 10 PM rolls around and you’re looking for the perfect spot to start at, I say choose AceBounce.

Sure, I HAVE to say that. I am the disembodied blogging voice of AceBounce. However, it’s kind of true…

First off, when you head out for a night and you are totally sober, there’s always kind of that weird part where you’re standing around with friends in a bar kind of catching up as you drink. Instead of small talking while you wait for you liquor to kick in, why not play ping pong? It’s a great icebreaker for those times when your friend brings a friend you’ve never met before, and other awkward social situations.

The other huge bonus is that we have dedicated beer pong tables. Beer Pong is the classic pregame game, and the perfect way to kick off your night out and get just enough beer in you to make clubbing seem like a great idea. And, when you’re ready for the next spot, we’re just right across the bridge from the happening blocks of River North. A beautiful, short walk!

That’s not even mentioning we’ve also got top notch DJ’s playing in a venue full of hidden, UV reactive art, and we always turn those lights on with a good bass drop to really get you excited.

So, that’s what I’m currently digging in Chicago nightlife downtown. If you have any suggestions for me, let me know. We love checking out our neighborhood bars, clubs, and restaurants!