Chicago St.Patrick’s Day: Fake Heritage And Real Deals


Top of the mornin’ to ya. Or should we say afternoon? Maybe night? How are we supposed to know when you’re reading this? Anyways, St. Patrick’s Day is upon us Chicago! So get ready to enjoy a few gargles (that’s Irish slang for beer. If you were Irish like us, you would know that). Ok we’re not Irish, but on St. Patrick’s Day we all are.
Although our Irish heritage is fake, luckily our St. Patrick’s Day deals are not. And to celebrate our St. Patrick’s Day deals and fake Irish heritage, here’s some fake Irish facts:

  • In 1672, the Irish invented ping pong (fake). To celebrate, we’ll be offering free ping pong till 4PM (fact).
  • The Irish celebrated the first ever St. Patrick’s Day with Bud Light (fake), so we’re serving $5 16 oz Bud Lights this St. Patty’s Day (fact).
  • The first shot ever taken on Irish soil was Jameson (fake), so it’s only right we offer $5 Jameson all day long (fact).
  • The Irish Car Bomb definitely originated in Ireland and not in Connecticut by a man named Charles Burke Cronin Oat in 1972 (fake). Because of this very interesting fact, we’ll be offering $6 Irish Car Bombs (fact).
  • Pizza? Not Italian. It’s actually quite Irish. Pizza originated in Dublin in 1872 (fake), so it’s only right that we offer $10 pizzas from open to close (very real fact & an amazing deal!).

If those fake facts and real deals don’t get you excited about St. Patrick’s Day at AceBounce, we’re not sure what will. Maybe the fact that we’re right across the street from the Green Chicago River? Who wants to walk far on St. Patrick’s Day besides people doing the Shamrock Shuffle 5k? So stop right in after the Chicago River dyeing and enjoy a few gargles, or should I say $5 16 oz Bud Lights. Whatever you want to drink this St. Patty’s Day, we got it. Come on in and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Irish (or maybe not so Irish) way.