Christmas Party Ideas


You need a good Christmas party idea. We know you’ve called ALL the places trying to balance a budget while also making your boss look awesome. It’s a taxing process, not the highest on your priority list, and please, you’re busy with other things right now. Everyone is!

Don’t worry, AceBounce, on the corner of Clark and Wacker can take the pressure off.

Yeah, you can go to a bar and hang around other randos just looking for a quick few drinks. Sure, you can go and have a 5 star meal, and sit about 25 feet from the people you were actually hoping to see. Or, you can look around for something interactive that your co-workers will remember and talk about until next year, but that sounds like a bunch of extra calls, and nobody wants that.

Here’s a Christmas party idea: have it at AceBounce, where we can combine all 3 of those things in a subterranean adult playground.

Interactive entertainment? 16 glorious Butterfly ping-pong tables are housed in our 15,000 sq. ft. space. We have beer-pong also, for those of you who live their holiday season on the edge. We even have some Games Gurus from Second City to help level the playing field, and our in-house staff will go so far that they’ll pick up your balls for you!

Food? James Beard award winner Rick Gresh specifically curated a bites menu so that all of your holiday cravings are met. It’s even designed so that you can eat and play at the same time – you won’t even have to put your drink down!

And speaking of drinks, our knowledgeable bar staff under direction from award-winning mixologist Peter Vestinos can make you warm and happy, regardless of your favorite cocktail. Our 50 foot cocktail bar is a great place to hang out and chat with the co-workers you don’t know that well, but were REALLY hoping to. Our bartenders will even be your wingman if you ask nicely!

Why try and come up with your own Christmas party idea when we’ve already got one for you? Call our event specialists at (773)-219-0900, they’re rearing to give you an experience you won’t soon forget, and are there to help throw you the best Christmas party you didn’t know existed!

We’ll talk to you soon.