4 Common Mistakes People Make When Planning The Company Holiday Party


Your office appointed you for the company holiday party planning committee! So glad you found us! We are just as jazzed as you are to start thinking about the cold holiday season that’s coming during the last leg of this hot Chicago summer season. You are the unsung heroes that people will remember to thank sometime in December or January (you’re basically like Batman. You can quote me on that).

When planning the company holiday party, keep in mind these 4 most common mistakes that people often make:

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to book a holiday party. Peak dates will already be taken because some people didn’t snooze on planning early. But really, you a great planner are reading this so you’re likely already planning! Yay!
  2. Make sure to take advantage of early bird offers for the best deals. Venues love early bird bookers and are usually offering a special incentive for booking months in advance. AceBounce has a special running until September 30, 2018. So like book now.
  3. Daytime events are a great option for cost savings – or event an event that starts around 2pm. Nobody wants to be in the office anyways – not when the holiday season rolls around and we’re all dreaming of eggnog and watching Netflix under 12 million blankets because the Chicago cold is no joke.
  4. Have a variety of food options available to appease the pickiest of eaters or diet restrictions – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, all the allergies, etc. These are definitely must have options. Look for venues that offer a little something for everyone. Accommodating dietary restrictions is something you don’t want to skip out on.

I just listed problems you should avoid so please let me offer you a solution: contact our Reservations team at [email protected] because we know that these are all common mistakes people make when planning the company holiday party. And so we made sure that AceBounce & our team are able to be the solution, the one-stop-shop, the go-to for the party planning people. AceBounce offers a solution for each of these common mistakes.