Cool Chicago Venues


So you’ve got some out of town friends coming in to visit, and let’s just say, they are hard to impress. Grabbing a burger at Wendy’s and staring at ‘The Bean’ just won’t cut it with these folk. So worry not, we will give you the definitive short list of the cool Chicago venues. Impressing your friends is now taken care of.

Cool Chicago Venues – AceBounce

  1. AceBounce– It’s a bar, it’s a restaurant, it’s a ping pong hall, er, what? 
Yep, the hottest new venue for all your grown up fun has to be AceBounce in the city’s downtown area. Combining ridiculously high quality food from one of Chicago’s most renowned chefs, Rick Gresh, with a sublime cocktail menu from genius mixologist, Peter Vestinos, it is the group activities and custom ping pong games that make this the one-stop-shop for fun. Gone are the days of one against one ping pong in your mom’s basement, the age of group ping pong is here! Experience what it is like to play in a game where 20+ people are playing all at once while combining all of this with some of the best music you are likely to hear in Chicago, you are bound to impress even the staunchest critic. Not only the hottest venue in town, one of the coolest too.
  2. Smart Bar- The one true place in Chicago where you can still listen to the music that Chicago gave the world- proper, decent and wonderful House music. With regular DJ’s such as Derek Carter, The Black Madonna and Justin Long just to name but three, Smart Bar has been upholding all that is holy within Chicago and global House for over 20 years. For music lovers, history lovers even just lovers, Smart Bar is one of the coolest venues in Chicago, Period.
  3. Emporium Wicker Park- Following on from the social entertainment venue trend that is currently sweeping the globe, Emporium is an old school arcade game bar with a twist. Allowing fans of classic coin operated arcade games to drink and party in a pressure free environment is a match made in slightly drunken heaven. Although there are a couple of Emporiums dotted around town, the Wicker Park venue really has an all-in-one feel, you never know who you will meet there.