Corporate Team Building Activities


If your office needs an infusion of life, or merely some constructive fun, then you should look into the options for corporate team building activities. Try to book an experience for your team that’s fun while also showing them how they can cooperate and work as a team. If you’re going to spend the time bonding with the team, at least make it enjoyable!

Work & Play at Ping Pong Team Building

Find out if one of your colleagues has some serious ping pong chops at AceBounce. Book one, or several, of their 16 championship-caliber Butterfly ping pong tables and include a Games Guru with your booking to show you the ropes. The Gurus entertain and organize your outing so that every member of the team gets the focus, and the fun, they deserve out of a team event. These hilarious entertainers have backgrounds in improv and stand up comedy, so they’re quick to lighten the mood while making sure everybody gets a chance to play.

Test Your Knowledge or Toast Your Ignorance    

Trivia nights are popular outings at many of Chicago’s bars, so next time your team is in the hunt for a way to have fun and learn more about each other, huddle around a quiz sheet and show off some of that random knowledge bouncing around inside your brain. Do the answers come easier or harder as the night progresses and more rounds are ordered? Hit up one of the multitude of Chicago arcade bars for a more nerdy themed night, or find a place that specializes in categories like movies, musicals or history if that’s more your thing. The city has plenty to offer a group of intrepid quiz wizards who want to prove that their dreams of going on Jeopardy! are more than mere fantasies.

Take the Route Less Traveled to a Company Retreat

If your company is a bit on the smaller side, or if it’s insanely wealthy, then you have to explore the options beyond the city limits for a team bonding experience. Embrace the wild side of life with a team outing underneath the stars and go camping for a weekend. Pull together with fun, challenging activities while you’re out in nature such as whitewater rafting, canoeing, ropes courses or just head out for a few good hikes. Sitting around the campfire and swapping stories will bring the team much closer than the typical happy hour — this option is not the ideal fit for all companies but if you can make it work then it’s worth the extra sweat!