Birthday Ballin’ on a Budget


Remember when celebrating your birthday was all about fun activities, snacks, & was basically planned out for you because #YouWasAKid? Those were the days, amirite?

Just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean that those things have to stop though! If anything – it means celebrating a birthday is even better now because of your adult matured taste buds for fine dining & delicious cocktails.

A problem with celebrating a birthday in Chicago is that sometimes you’re ballin’ on a budget or feel like you’re too old to do the bar hopping scene but you know, you still wanna get out for some fun activities, snacks, & have most of it planned out for you.

AceBounce is the perfect place for a fun birthday celebration in Chicago. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. BALLIN’ ON A BUDGET Do you have one of those friend group where literally everyone’s birthday falls around the same time of year & it’s hurting your wallet? Do you hate doing math & dread when it comes to splitting the bill? Celebrating a birthday at AceBounce means that you & your guests only pay $40 per person – inclusive of tax & tip! You get everything in our birthday package with no headaches. We’re here to celebrate, not play as mathematicians (no offense to the mathematicians out there, numbers just aren’t for everyone -signed someone in marketing).
  2. GAME ON Our attention spans are about 8 seconds long. We crave to have something pair with dinner & drinks. We need some sort of entertainment stimulation – enter AceBounce Game Gurus. Hand-picked entertainers & comedians, our Games Gurus are available to as an add-on to your birthday package (or join our mailing list/follow us on social media because we like to give complimentary Guru experiences away to our followers!). A Game Guru will help facilitate a variety of fun ping pong games, so you & your guests aren’t just volleying the ping pong ball back & forth all night.
  3. MOVE FROM THE RESTAURANT TABLE TO THE PING PONG TABLE If you opt to not choose our Birthday package but still want to celebrate a birthday at AceBounce – we encourage making a dinner reservation in our dining room. With a delicious hand curated menu by award winning Chef Rick Gresh, you will not sacrifice taste for our affordable fine dining menu. Easily move from our dining room tables to the ping pong tables – literally 10 feet away.

If you decide to celebrate a birthday at AceBounce – our Reservations team will be with you every step of the way to help plan the most memorable birthday yet. Contact our team at [email protected] for more info.