Fun Team Building Activities


Office mates spend a great deal of time with one another, and building productive relationships in a professional setting is easier said than done. While productivity is obviously an overarching goal, offices and companies are filled with people at the end of the day. And balancing productivity with the more human side of building workplace morale is an ongoing task for human resource departments and managers. Finding time to break out of the office mold with fun team building activities is a particularly useful tool for reinforcing workplace bonds and strengthening relationships in the office. The variety of team building activities is surprisingly rich, so the team doesn’t need to settle for outdated activities that lack imagination or creativity.

Paddle It Out over the Ping Pong Table

Companies have caught on to the ping pong craze, and a ping pong table in the break room has become a common site for many corporate offices. Office workers have found an affinity for stepping away from their desks in search of that ping pong-fueled respite, but what can be done to extend that natural bonding process outside of the office? That’s where AceBounce comes in. Not only does this sprawling subterranean restaurant and bar in the heart of downtown Chicago offer ping pong (16 Butterfly ping pong tables in a nearly 15,000-square foot space) but they heighten the experience with food, beverage and games facilitators that will get every member of an office team involved in the fun. AceBounce has Games Gurus, who are really a hybrid of referee, commentator, master of ceremonies and rapid fire comic relief on the tables, and they organize and entertain group bookings around the ping pong tables. Instead of watching the two best players from the office face off while the other, less experienced players hang back and watch with nothing better to do, Games Gurus inject fun with innovative games that cater to all skill levels. At the end of the experience, an awards ceremony will take place with heaps of ribald commentary to go along with it. Share the ping pong love and move it beyond the bragging rights of a handful of diehard players so that everybody in the office can play along.

Get Out of the Office in a Kayak

Working in an office can feel stodgy at times. The routine of a rush hour commute, a cascade of emails, humdrum fluorescent lighting and drab, utilitarian office decor can leave office workers yearning for more inspiring environs. A good way to break out of the routine trappings while doing some quality team building is to bring the team outside for a change of pace. Cruising around the city in a kayak is about as far away from the office as it gets. Seeing the city from the waterfront will give the team a much different perspective on where they work, while the camaraderie of paddling together to reach a destination has great reinforcing factors for workplace bonds. It’s tough to imagine a more “natural” team building activity that brings the work crew out of the office and into the refreshing surroundings of the outdoors.