Fun Things to Do in Chicago


What can we say about this glorious city? Not enough! We’re one of the best food and cultural destinations in the U.S., and a place that has something for everyone. If you’re one of the lucky people to live here year round then you know that despite this city’s abundance, there are challenges to finding fun things to do in Chicago in the dead of winter.

We may be a city filled with urban hermits in freezing temperatures but there are dozens of fun things to do in Chicago. Here’s a quick list of some of my favorites.

Fun Things to Do in Chicago:

Ice-skating: Underneath the Chicago Skyline? Duh! If you’re like me you might need elbow and knee pads.

Bar with a fireplace: Check out Fountainhead in Ravenswood. Lowkey place with awesome food & drink.

A spa-day: I don’t have a favorite place yet but there’s nothing like a steam room and a facial on a frigid Chicago day.

Just get up and face those cold temperatures: I’m serious! Showing that whether who’s boss makes even the most basic activity feel like a triumph.

Ok, so those are my top picks in general for fun things to do in Chicago. But let’s face it, it’s hard finding somewhere that has it all. I don’t wanna have to bounce around town for food, drink, and activies all day. It’s too cold; I want it all in one place. Fortunately for all of us AceBounce offers you the best of all world in one place.

Ping pong? Well, It’s not just ping-pong, this is social ping-pong. Worried that you’ve never touched a paddle before? Our Games Gurus are here to lead you through hilarious games that require absolutely no skill. You know that friend that plays competitively and always hogs the table? You can forget about him.

Little thirsty after work? Our killer Happy Hour promises $5 drink specials all week from 4-7pm.

“Yeah that sounds great and all but what about Brunch?” We’ve got you covered and it is (wait for it) BOTTOMLESS. For just $39 a person you get 2 hours of unlimited ping pong, mimosas & bloody marys, and amazing food designed by celebrated star Chef Rick Gresh.

And finally…When you’re looking for fun things to do in Chicago, all you need to do is look up. AceBounce’s absolutely stunning UV decor will make any ‘insta’ profile pop.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!