Happy Hour in River North


The ancient art of Ping-Pong is something we take very seriously. The Chinese Ming Dynasty used the sport as a way to sharpen cognitive skills – a delve into hand-eye co-ordination and how to center your physical prowess to become the best in small tennis. We think they had Happy Hour, but that may have been every hour, because they were so dope at ping-pong.

The Ming dynasty obviously knows nothing about a Happy Hour in River North. As far as we can tell, things have changed a little bit since then, but ping-pong is still the number one sport for your brain that we can think of, besides chess, which is for computers and nerds!

AceBounce’s Happy Hour runs from 4:00-7:00 PM Monday through Friday. $5 drink specials from our friends at Ketel One and Lagunitas will help you numb your brain, while the mild activity of smacking a ball at your mates is proven to increase intelligence. Trust us. While we’re not doctors, but we do play them on TV from time to time, so it counts.

Join us after work each day with an excuse.

Need to sharpen your co-ordination? Want to continue thinking on a level that doesn’t exist any more? Want neither of these things but need a good excuse to get your boss to let you leave early? Come down to the best gosh darn Happy Hour River North has to offer.

Our dedicated bartenders will be slinging Ketel One Dutch Mules for 3 straight hours. Get a glass of wine for $5, or, dare we say, a whole bottle for $20. Explore Lagunitas’ range of local beer in bottles, and on draft.

Our service staff is on hand to pick up your ping-pong balls, maybe bring you some food if the drinks don’t get to you first!

Nobody wants to have to wait in line to get to Happy Hour. There should be as little time as possible between your happiness and the end of the work day, and with 15,000 square feet and 16 ping-pong tables, we’ve got you covered.

You can’t have the best Happy Hour in River North without ping-pong, or, as the Ming Dynasty called it…ping-pong, so give us a call, and we’ll make you happier than a pig in, uhh, …a sick ping-pong bar two blocks from the farm.

Call us, we’re waiting!