Holiday Party in Chicago


Ahhh, the end of the summer. Nothing beats the 2 beautiful weeks of fall, right before you start digging through the back of your closet for boots and scarves. We know you’re prepping like we are, you’re in the last quarter of 2017, and you’re a little anxious, but you’re not sure why.

Don’t worry friends, here at AceBounce, we’re gearing up to plan you the best Holiday party in Chicago! We’re not talking a regular bar outing, oh no. We’re talking a fully immersive holiday experience – the whole shebang, if you will.

Throwing a Holiday party in Chicago might sound daunting, but with our high–energy atmosphere and classy aesthetic, combined with 17 beautiful Butterfly ping-pong tables, we hit all the points on your checklist.

With a culinary team inspired and led by Chicago’s favorite chef, Rick Gresh, and a legendary bar program from renowned Mixologist, Peter Vestinos, we promise we’ve got you covered.

Do yourself a favor and add a Games Guru – an AceBounce signature specialty – to ensure the event is everything you dreamed it could be and more! Round-The-World, Blow Pong, and plenty of other games and tournaments facilitated by an experienced entertainer will give you an opportunity to play with even the most competitive co-workers. (Prior skill and ability not a pre-requisite, thank the Lord!)

Regardless of what happened at last year’s party (yes, we’re talking about Janet in Accounting who ROCKED Karaoke), our dedicated event experts and reservations specialists are standing by waiting for you to call. It may be early September, but they’re rearing to go!

They’ll help plan your experience for the most interactive, entertaining, and memorable holiday party in Chicago! Give us a shout at (773) 219-0900 to give your boss the best present they didn’t even know they wanted. We’ll make sure it makes their Christmas list next year!

And sorry Janet, we didn’t mean to call you out like that, but we ALL remember last year, and this time? Well, this time…we’re ready for you.