Industry Night in Chicago


Ah, industry night Chicago. I think back to being 22, working doubles at Applebee’s and all I would look forward to was getting clocking out and finding a trusty place to drink. Not much has changed since I was 22. I still work at Applebee’s… I still wear the same acid wash jeans… and all I want is an after work bar I can trust to serve quality drinks at a cheap price.

So why stay in the loop and head to AceBounce? What about PB + Js at my same old Logan Square bar?

Here’s 5 Reason’s why AceBounce has a killer industry night:

  1. It’s ALL day Sunday and Monday. Everyone else gets a weekend, why shouldn’t you?
  2. 50% off all that food & drink, which is killer because the menu is super freaking good.
  3. $5 “Back Hand” Shots. Patrón Roca with a back of pineapple, lime, jalapeño. Yum.
  4. Ping Pong. and it’s free. Uh, where else are you going to find that… Schubas?! JK, love you Schubas.
  5. It’s in a awesomely designed basement, far from the chilly Chicago weather.

Not too shabby for an industry night Chicago, right? Our killer menu is perfectly crafted to enjoy while playing ping pong. From uniquely delicious mediterranean style pizzas, kebobs, to my personal favorite- the coconut shrimp dumplings, we’ve given a lot of thought to providing food you can snack on while still holding a ping pong paddle in the other hand.

Need some more interactive entertainment on your nights off? Try 16 glorious Butterfly ping-pong tables in our 15,000 sq. ft. space. We also house the Midwest’s best beer-pong table, for those of you who want to reignite that old college rivalry.

Worried about quality beverages? Our knowledgeable bar staff under direction from award-winning mixologist Peter Vestinos has an array of your favorite cocktails available to you. Our 50 foot cocktail bar is a great place to grab a drink, hang out and chat with your co-workers about annoying customers.

Change up the pace of your industry night Chicago and check out AceBounce. We take that “play hard” of the “work hard” expression to the next level.