New Years Party At AceBounce!


You know how every single year you get excited about New Year’s Eve Parties and then start the year with a hangover? Is it always worth it?

 “Oh look, we got drunk and saw some balls drop! Thanks 2017!”

 The answer, is no. It’s not. But don’t worry, the folks here at AceBounce actually thought about this in advance, and want you to get the most out of your night, because realistically, it’s going to be the same everywhere.

 Not this year. This year, you’re going to join us for our Full Moon New Year’s Eve Party. With your $100 ticket, we’ll give you 4 hours of a PREMIUM open bar from 9:00-1:00 AM.

 Need something to do at midnight and no one to kiss? Place your cake hole on our complimentary champagne toast instead! We can guarantee it will be there for you, even if nobody else is.

 Bask your body in a gorgeous UV inspired venue, dressed to the nines. Stop by our UV make-up artist to get the picture you needed for grandma all year, and just wait for the black lights to hit.

 Grab some free appetizers from our service staff as they roam around with platters of world class food designed by Celebrity chef Rick Gresh.

 And then…add ping-pong.. beer pong.. and Wonderball to the mix.

 16 tables, including something 2018 has been waiting for that goes by the name of Wonderball, the world’s first interactive smart table. Free play ping-pong throughout all 15,000 square feet of the venue, with some of our Games Gurus on hand to level the playing field.

 Do you really need more?

 No cover charge just to get into the place. No waiting in line for hours while your buzz wears off in the snow. And definitely, 100%, no well liquor that you were dying to get in high-school.

 Just you, your friends, a night that you’ll never forget, and maybe never remember, food beyond anything your mouth has ever tasted, liquor that your grandparents used to lock away for special occasions, and best of all, free reign to smack a bunch of balls at other people you’re with.

 Early Bird tickets are still available, so get planning, get excited, and get straight to our page on EventBrite. 2018 will look a little better than you thought, but with the black lights on?

 It looks like it’ll be a phenomenal year. Start it out right. We’ll see you there.