Nightlife in Chicago


Chicago has been making significant waves in the culinary scene but it’s reputation as a solid town for going out is no less impressive. With the Midwestern metropolis’ appetite for partying, all that good food is a much needed base to soak up the libations. Here are a few tried and true night spots in Chicago that keep the tunes pumping and the drinks flowing.

Nightlife in Chicago


The massive Ping Pong playground made its way to Chicago via London in the summer of 2016 and totally redefined the standard for going out and having honest-to-goodness fun in a social venue. The game of table tennis is having its moment in Chicago right now, and AceBounce doesn’t compromise on a single element of the guest experience. Award-winning chefs and mixologists meet stunning design, the best music and all within a huge space holding 16 Ping Pong tables, occupying nearly 15,000 square feet in the Loop.

The Green Mill

This legendary jazz club has the claim to fame of being a former mafioso meet up joint. But well after the likes of Al Capone have cleared out, leaving little in the way of buried treasure (sadly), this club in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood continues to thrive as a place to catch late night sets of live music. Jazz features heavily in the rotation, but artists and bands from all over the world and spanning any genre can show up in this old school establishment. How old school? Well, be advised that you’ll be asked to finish your drink and take it outside if you’re talking over the music.

Chop Shop

A 6,000 square foot event space, deli, butcher shop, full time restaurant and bar, all housed within a former auto body shop. Hence the name. Works on a few levels, doesn’t it? But the unique thing about this jack of all trades venue is that the event space can easily be turned into a proper concert hall. This Wicker Park eatery/bar/marketplace/event space wears many hats, so it’s a very likely stop on your next tour of the happening neighborhood off the CTA Blue Line. Start your night here for a concert, pop in for some sustenance, take away something to cook at home or just belly up to the bar.