Discover Alternative Party Venues in Chicago


It doesn’t take a rare occasion such as the Cubs winning the World Series for the city of Chicago to throw a party. In fact, any old day of the week is reason enough to grab as many friends as you can and unleash the party animal that dwells deep down in the soul. The trick is finding the right party venue in Chicago to do it. Here are a few clutch suggestions to kicking the party vibes all the way up to 11 on your next night out in Chicago.

Get on a boat

Chicago sits beside one of the country’s great national treasures: Lake Michigan. It’s one of the five Great Lakes in North America and that name is no exaggeration. It’s pretty great! As far as lakes go, anyway. The city offers mile after mile of usable lakefront if you want to appreciate the natural beauty and huge expanse of blue water that stretches well out to the horizon. But if your aim is to accelerate a party atmosphere, then commandeering a boat is your best bet. Sunset cruises routinely disembark at Navy Pier for a stunning view of Chicago’s dramatic skyline. There’s no better backdrop for a party than the imposing skyscrapers stacked up agains the pristine green blanket of parks along the city’s lakefront.

Visit a brewery

The craft beer explosion hasn’t passed Chicago in its gradual takeover of the American drinking landscape. And because Chicago is one of the major metropolitan areas in the country, it’s also home to a healthy number of small- and large-scale brewing operations. These breweries provide a good variety of suds for sale at bars, restaurants and markets around town, but nothing really comes close to enjoying a pint that was poured mere feet away from the beer’s birthplace. Some Chicago breweries that offer dynamic event space for visitors to host a party include the artisanal Moody Tongue brewery and tasting room in Pilsen, Lagunitas Brewing’s massive warehouse in Lawndale, and the original Revolution Brewing tap room and brewery along Milwaukee Ave in Logan Square. Each of these craft beer mainstays in Chicago has private event space for rental and you can also just pop in most days to sample what’s on tap and kick back in their unique, artistic spaces.   

Play some games

Don’t be fooled into thinking that adulthood means you can’t have fun. The key is finding places that offer uninhibited fun with amenities built for adult tastes. What does all that mean? Have fun like you mean it but also drink and eat like you mean it. C’mon, you’re a grown up! Places to cut loose like a kid while still drinking and eating like an adult include AceBounce, the Loop’s biggest games room outfitted with 17 ping pong tables, a 50-foot bar, a restaurant with 44 seats, and menus built by award winning chefs and mixologists. Play a few rounds of table tennis while the tunes blasting from the DJ booth move your feet in between volleys.