River North Bars and Restaurants


Big occasions from birthdays, office parties, class reunions, and conferences can be legitimate enough excuses to pile into one of the many River North bars in Chicago. But River North doesn’t have to be the destination of only dressed up corporate cliques looking for a place to snack on hot wings and chatter behind the boss’ back. There are actually fun places that you’d want to go to outside of a work event. Because while a work event can happen at any old place that gives you a decent diversion from work, folks in River North’s hospitality scene have gotten the memo that venues should be attractive to all social crowds at all hours, not just tired nine-to-fivers looking for a place to have happy hours.

One place that you’ll see large crowds hopping off buses or medium groups of socializers shuffling out of Ubers is Untitled. The burlesque shows can fill the venue on almost any night of the week, but even for a place that’s in the heart of River North, this underground whiskey library draws people into the middle of the city on weekends pretty regularly.

River North Bars & Restaurants

If you’ve exhausted all the dining choices in your neighborhood, then River North is going to offer a place to have stellar cuisine with a great atmosphere for partying afterward. The all-in-one fun of a venue like AceBounce gives people food that’s way better than standard bar fare and with the best music blasting through its state-of-the-art system, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

Fans of frisky piano playing shenanigans can howl their lungs out at Howl at The Moon, a carefree bar where the dueling pianos quickly erase any memory of stress from the outside world. You’ll get into the tunes way faster than you think.