Summer Party Ideas


OK, the ingredients for throwing a legendary summer party are as follows: your best friends, great tunes, good food and an activity that will keep everyone active and loving life for the whole time you’re partying. It’s summer after all, not a time to sink into comfy lounge furniture and ruminate on life’s mysteries over a smoky glass of scotch. No, that’s for a different season. Summer is bright, it’s vibrant and it should keep you feeling up and in a good mood the whole time! Here are some can’t-miss legendary summer party ideas.

Smash Some Ping Pong Balls

Perfect your Ping Pong technique on the tables and have outstanding food and drink while you do it. The massive underground Ping Pong playground at AceBounce is tailor made for parties. Book a table for you and other partygoers to smash serves, knock out a round of doubles, and order premium buckets of beer or sparkling wine to the table while you’re playing. AceBounce has food and drink packages for parties so all you need to do is show up, grab a paddle and smash away! Oh, and the bonus factor is that AceBounce is guaranteed to be a good time no matter the weather, which is good when you consider the unpredictable summer weather in Chicago.

Sing (or Howl) Along to Your Favorite Jams

Karaoke can be a hit and miss prospect for summer parties, unless your crew is packed to the gills with extroverts, so why not let a musician take the lead? The River North mainstay Howl At The Moon lets guests scribble down their favorite tunes and drop them into a fishbowl. If one of the dueling piano players plucks it out of the bowl, your song gets belted out and the whole establishment quickly turns into a chorus of backup singers. Generous rounds of birthday libations will help your party find their singing voices. There are few things more affirming than scoring a solid jam that gets the whole place rocking.

Pedal Between Pints

The pedal pubs are making a splash for summer parties in several U.S. cities (sadly they’re not in Chicago any longer) because they combine two legitimately awesome things: beers and bicycles. But instead of doing it all wrong by going to a bar THEN getting on the bike, the pedal pub fixes things by putting the bar ON the bike. If you’re not familiar with the concept of a pedal pub, just picture an open air trolley that serves beer with bicycle seats and pedals below each passenger instead of regular bench seats.