Teams that Play Together, Work Better Together


There’s no question about it – a team works better together when they’ve had the chance to experience something, anything together outside of the 4 office walls. From an impromptu Happy Hour to that team outing you almost had a “doctor’s appointment scheduled” to unexpected run-into moments on the weekends – sometimes the best team building activities happen where you least expect them.

And sometimes, you have to do a little more planning to make those team building moments happen – because this is not a Lifetime movie.

AceBounce offers one of the best team building activities for all kinds of industries. We’ve seen everything from Accounting firms to Experiential Marketing agencies to Dental Convention colleagues walk through the doors of AceBounce unsure of what the outing will bring – only to leave with fun times, stories for the water cooler, and a stronger team bond than when they entered.

If you’re looking for a fun Team Building Activity in Chicago or a new Team Bonding experience, look no further. The best way to get the bonding started is to book one of our Games Gurus. An AceBounce Games Gurus are hand-picked entertainers, improv comedians and all-around hilarious folks who host the ping pong portion of your event and ensure your team is kept laughing and engaged.

So regardless if you’ve never played ping pong before or have your own paddle (cause people do bring those in), our Games Gurus can be there to assist & facilitate games that everyone can participate in.

Book your next team building outing at AceBounce by contacting our Reservations team at [email protected].