Team Building Events in Chicago


Trust falls, ropes courses and ‘Guess the lie’ games are the typical sort of events that go along with team building days. But there are places and ways to build lasting bonds with your team that move completely beyond the typical examples. Check out these fun and unique places in and around Chicago for some quality team building events.


Combine hilarious games with handfuls of delicious food and beverage. Ping pong is a pretty egalitarian sport — stick with me here — when it’s being conducted for as many people as possible. The idea of standard competitive ping pong is well understood: back and forth with crazy serves, sidespin shots and lunging for tricky returns. But that’s not the way that AceBounce does ping pong. Instead, they bring in qualified entertainers who understand how to interact with other human beings to facilitate the games and introduce new ways to play around the table. These facilitators, called Games Gurus, get as many people around the table as they can (the record is 60 people with paddles in hand). The event winds down with a tongue-in-cheek medals ceremony and the bonhomie is amplified 10 times more than watching the two best players from your party go head-to-head for over an hour.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

A sport that’s as laid back as a day at the beach while still giving you a great core workout? That’s paddle boarding for you. It can be a little challenging to get the balance down, but you’ll practice on dry land, find your center, hit the water and troubles disappear. What makes it a great team building event? Hitting the beachside bar afterward.

Escape Rooms

These events bring groups together over a shared desire to get the hell out of a confined space. You’re racing the clock while relying on the participation of your team. Pretty straightforward team building territory, but for an added twist you can visit one of the establishments that run escape rooms with a backstory like a zombie attack, pandemic outbreak or spy intrigue.