Thanksgiving Dinner in Chicago


Thanksgiving dinner is something we look forward to all year.  Juicy turkey, stuffing browned perfectly, and a constantly expanding waistband held by constantly shrinking sweatpants. But the holiday is not all about Thanksgiving dinner, Chicago! We have black Friday, cyber Wednesday, and those people just waiting for dinner to be over so they can start planning for Christmas. Let’s add some ping-pong to your life! AceBounce is your one stop shop for the Thanksgiving blues. Did you have to work through the holiday? Are you dealing with difficult customers looking for the next hottest toy or gift? Slinging drinks for people who just won’t leave the bar?

We have a gift for you! 50% off everything, all day, every day through your thanksgiving week.

Enjoy our 16 beautiful butterfly tables in an event space that will dazzle your senses. Give yourself a break from cooking for other people and take a load off in our restaurant. Bring your taste buds back to life with fantastic, hand crafted cocktails, sure to keep you warm through the week. Dare we even say – get smashed potatoes?

Thanksgiving dinner in Chicago is a great time for hanging out with your family and catching up on each other’s apparent successes, or slight disappointments, but you can only handle so much of Uncle Jack’s political rants before you need a break. AceBounce is that break you need. Our event specialists have dedicated their Thanksgiving week to making sure you get an experience you didn’t even know you needed.

So, for all of our industry and retail friends, when (and if) you get a break, give us a shout – we appreciate all you do, and we’re giving back the best way we know how. 50% off the whole week for our Friendsgiving special including beverages, elevated bar food, and a venue decked out in UV paint. Honestly, what could go wrong?

Of course we want you to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, Chicago, but as you’re sitting on your couch, slowly drifting into a melatonin induced slumber, take a second to pause and reflect. Then, work off some calories, enjoy some light competition, and even save some money.

Take your sweatpants off, and enjoy the week like you know you should be allowed to. We’re waiting for your call.