Unique Restaurants in Chicago


They’re calling it a Chicago restaurant boom. The more negative nancy’s are calling it a restaurant bubble. Either way, all of this hubbub has made me feel confident in declaring Chicago the food capital of the US of A.

Here’s why:

1) Clearly, we have a lot of restaurants.

2) Even the food in dive bars is pretty darn good.

3) The proliferation of unique restaurants in Chicago.

And it’s number 3, that I think, really gives us the edge. Uniqueness is this indescribable, incredibly subjective je ne sais quoi thing that is hard to pinpoint. But I know we have it. And with so many restaurants to choose from, it can be sometimes hard to find the most truly unique. Whether it’s places like Fulton Market Kitchen that can bill themselves as not only a restaurant but an art gallery as well, or places like Alinea where the entire restaurant becomes an immersive experience- we’ve got some great ideas and they are thriving here.

At Acebounce, we consider ourselves one of those unique restaurants in Chicago. I know what you’re thinking- “RESTAURANT? I wouldn’t categorize AceBounce as a restaurant.” Well, you would be incorrect and I would like a chance to rectify your thinking. We have a full service dining area where your opportunities for people watching are unparalleled. It even has it’s own menu, carefully crafted by our James Beard-award-winning Chef Rick Gresh. And certainly, the flying ping pong balls add an element of excitement no one else can boast.

Even if you don’t feel like sitting down and eating, we have a menu crafted perfectly to consume while playing ping pong. From uniquely delicious pizzas, to kebobs, we have really given deep thought to providing food you can eat with one hand while holding a ping pong paddle in the other.

In my experience, the food is one of the most surprising things at AceBounce, and something we always get comments on. If I had a penny for everytime someone said “Wow, I can’t believe how good the food is here,” I would have 1,123 pennies.

Have you been here before and not tried the food? Rookie mistake! You can still come back and try it, I promise it will convert you if the ping pong, signature cocktails, craft beers, and incredible decor didn’t already.

Never been here because “ping pong isn’t your thing”? Well, now you have a new reason to stop on by.

So thats why we like to think of ourselves as one of the unique restaurants in Chicago. And that’s why I feel confident in declaring Chicago the food capital of the US. I mean, if I’m not expertly qualified to make that call, who is? (probably lots of other people, and maybe a nationwide poll.)