Unusual Christmas Parties in Chicago


Christmas parties can fall into a predictable pattern. There’s the obligatory gift exchange (does your office do a Secret Santa or White Elephant exchange?), some kind of buffet and probably there’ll be warm spiced wine to sip on. These ideas are pretty routine, and just like Christmas they come around every year with a degree of reliability. Some folks might find it comforting to see and do the same things year after year for their Christmas parties, but where can you go to experience a truly unusual Christmas party? And unusual in the good way, not like a Christmas party so out-of-the-ordinary that guests will feel as if they’ve crossed over into some alternate reality. All it takes is a few fun twists on convention and then you’re all set to enjoy a highly enjoyable, unusual Christmas parties this season.

Island Style

Chicago can be brutally cold in the winter, but if you party within the warm spirit of Tiki bar Three Dots and a Dash then all the frigid temperatures will seemingly melt away. The underground Tiki bar and lounge has private areas that can be booked for a smaller gathering or you could opt for the whole enchilada and take over the entire place. Make sure your guests bring tropical printed shirts and grass skirts to go along with the theme!

Ping Pong Parties

Book a table or an entire area of the sprawling underground ping pong party zone at AceBounce for an unorthodox, yet uproariously fun, Christmas party. This game room/craft cocktail palace/fine dining destination has it all in Chicago’s Loop. Plus, it’s close to the office for downtown denizens and it completely transforms the idea of what a typical Christmas party entails for a double bonus. Nowhere else can you order deluxe cocktails, send ping pong balls flying and then bite into some of the best food in Chicago, prepared by award-winning chefs.

Sip & Dine Next to Specimens

The Field Museum is a recognizable landmark along Chicago’s lakefront museum campus. The classical styling of the building’s exterior nicely resonate with the historic colonnade of nearby Soldier Field and the famous Beluga whales and penguins of the Shedd Aquarium are a stone’s throw away on Lake Michigan’s shore. But if you book a party in the museum, it transforms from a learning center into a stunning event space. The great hall is home to the world’s largest and most complete T. Rex and other natural wonders include a pair of stuffed African elephants, a meticulous recreation of a Polynesian fishing village and mummified remains of ancient Egyptian royalty. This is one place that will definitely get your brain stirring while offering all the normal pleasures of the annual Christmas party.