Venues in Chicago


If you fancy yourself a pragmatic event planner, it makes sense to hope for the best while still planning for the unexpected. But when you’re looking for venues in Chicago, you can be assured of the best when you stick to these venues around town.

Revel Fulton Market

Sometimes your idea for a jaw-dropping event requires the most flexible venue. And for flexible venues in Chicago, few compare to the Fulton Market district spot Revel. This converted warehouse space is spacious enough to showcase big ticket showpieces, like cars or art installations, and has enough nooks and crannies to break out smaller, more intimate spaces for event attendees to settle in. If you need a truly blank canvas, it’s a good idea to go with one so close to the city’s best caterers and restaurateurs. The Fulton Market district has its finger on the pulse of Chicago’s most serious culinary and craft cocktail visionaries.

Architectural Artifacts

This venue in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood contains so many random curios and fascinating pieces of brick-a-brack that guests can easily get lost on a tour of its overflowing bins and shelves. The founding mission of Architectural Artifacts is saving and preserving noteworthy pieces of industrial design and commercial art, and a labyrinthine assortment of light fixtures, signs, cabinetry, sculpture and statues sprawl over three floors in this converted warehouse space. And each piece on display can be purchased, for a certain price of course. The rarer and more unique the piece, expect the price tag to reflect that. The “market” side of the venue is overflowing with gems from Chicago’s eclectic past, while the rest of the massive north side warehouse is converted into a modern event space. There’s an outdoor courtyard, a massive dance hall as well as facilities for dining and catering.

One of the best venues in Chicago – AceBounce

Another gem that’s sneakily flexible for hosting events and private functions is Chicago’s AceBounce. This Loop hangout boasts all the conveniences of a conventional event space near the central business district and bustling rows ofhotels in downtown Chicago, but it stands out by mixing things up. There are few other venues in Chicago, if any, that allow you to host an event in a massive underground Ping Pong hall that’s also purposely built to throw amazing parties. Between the 50-foot cocktail bar, a kitchen run by a James Beard-awarded chef, and state-of-the-art sound system, there’s something for everyone in the chic environs of this happening spot. Rearrange a few of the Ping Pong tables (don’t worry, there are 16 spread throughout the venue so everybody will have a chance to play if they like) to make a dance floor, put in theater-style seating or whatever design suits your event.