What Is All the Fuss About Ping Pong Bars in Chicago?


Ping pong. A game that everybody gets, right. But is it really? Assume for a second that your grasp on the game of ping pong has been wildly misinformed for basically your entire life. Don’t beat your brain over it, that’s why AceBounce has arrived to become one of the best ping pong bars Chicago: to enlighten all you fine folks.

So, starting out with the basics. Ping pong is not *strictly* a one-vs-one game. Not at all. Ping pong can involve the masses. It is possible. And it’s good fun, too. Consider the straightforward doubles match. It’s like regular singles ping pong, only twice the number of players. Rules are slightly more complex, like making sure that the ball bounces on both sides of the net and that players are alternating their hits. But that’s hardly NASA-level stuff. If you can play singles, then you can play doubles ping pong just as easily. And it’s more fun.

Also, the table can be opened up to a large group with a little game called ‘Around the World.’ This group-centric game positions players, the ideal number of players is between 8 and 12, around the ping pong table in a circle. The ball is served across the table and all the players, ping pong paddle in hand, rotate around the table and hit the ball back to the other side in turns. Think of the old games of musical chairs you played as a kid. It’s a bit like that. The player who misses a shot must sit down. Keep going around until one player’s left standing.

Ping Pong Bars Chicago – AceBounce

There’s more. So much more. Take a couple trips to the 50 ft. bar in AceBounce and pretty soon you’ll come up with variations on the game that are uniquely yours. Or contact a Games Guru for some hands-on instruction in outrageous ways to play the game. Either way’s good, really.