What’s Going On In Chicago


We’ve finally hit the holiday season, and it’s really easy to stay inside until the tundra melts in March, but your seasonal depression can take a back seat as we find out what’s going on in Chicago!

There’s plenty to do and see, but the tourist industry already knows about all those spots. You may end up waiting in line for hours, trapped in the cold, unprepared for the lake breeze that somehow makes it all the way to your bones.

Those same things will happen next year, so technically, they’re ALWAYS going on in Chicago, but what about something new?

At AceBounce, located on the corner of Clark and Wacker, while everyone has been skating, snapping, and ‘gramming, we’ve been secretly working on something big. Something so huge, it will change the future of ping-pong as we know it.

Introducing: Wonderball, the world’s very finest interactive ping-pong table. You’ll still play with paddles and a ball, but the table becomes your own video game, with 6 different, visually astounding group games and settings. Nobody actually knows, but THIS is what’s going on in Chicago this winter.

Between Wonderball and our authentic Rio Olympic ping-pong table, you’d think we had it made. First of all, you’d be right – we do. But second of all, we’re pairing this new-age space tech with some of the finest, locally and ethically sourced food Chicago’s favorite celebrity chef Rick Gresh can provide. If you’re more interested in a liquid diet (beach season’s just around the corner), our bartenders, led by Peter Vestinos, can whip up your favorite drink with a twist in no time at all. They even smile – it’s beautiful!

We’ve even concocted a special holiday brunch menu. Like our normal brunch, it’s UNLIMITED! But it features foods that will warm you up and get you into the holiday spirit. To make sure everyone gets their fix- we are now opening at 12PM every days so come splurge on lunch a couple more times before those New Year’s Resolutions have you on a kale-only diet.

When you’re looking online and through brochures for what’s going on in Chicago, stray from the path a little bit. Come on down to AceBounce for all of your indoor winter needs. Our dedicated and experienced event specialists will do everything within their power to make sure you forget about the cold, forget about the stress of planning, and try to clarify the recurring dreams you’ve been having about Wonderball.

We can’t fix the dreams for you, but we can definitely bring them to life.