Where to eat in Chicago


With so many places where to eat in Chicago, it might be tricky to choose one. Read our review of the three selected places to eat in Chicago.

Girl And The Goat

Many people assume that famous chefs are completely unapproachable, existing on another plane than the rest of us mere mortals. But many of Chicago’s best chefs are the complete opposite. Chicago’s chef community is a collective of down-to-earth, humble people who are most likely on the same wavelength as many of their biggest fans and followers. Perhaps that ability to connect with their guests through food that just feels right is the secret behind their successful restaurants. Stephanie Izard’s infamous Chicago outpost Girl and The Goat is a great example, proving that sometimes the simplest and most honest recipes can foster the most genuine praise. Izard’s simple sautéed green beans dish is the epitome of this thinking, showing that honest ingredients and unfiltered passion make for the best restaurant experiences in Chicago or anywhere else you go.

Floriole Café & Bakery

Chicago, like any other major city, needs its beloved neighborhood bakeries and pastry shops. Nothing rivals the comfort drawn from knowing that, on any given morning, you can walk down to the corner shop and pick up freshly baked breads, pastry and other assorted delicacies. It just makes you feel at home. Of course it helps if the selections are as delicious as they are fresh. That’s where Floriole Café & Bakery comes in. This Lincoln Park favorite got its start as a humble tent within the Green City Market but was so successful that it made the leap to brick-and-mortar status in no time. Floriole also sells their pastry to other coffee shops and breakfast places around town.

1901 Restaurant at AceBounce

The 44-seat restaurant housed within AceBounce’s buzzing ping pong venue transports guests with global flavors and energetic surroundings that are unavailable in any other fine dining establishment in Chicago. The Papperdelle, made with braised beef short ribs, root vegetables, mushrooms and fine herbs, is a home run of a dish. And if you want to take full advantage of the head chef’s background in deluxe steakhouse fare, don’t miss the Porcini Crusted Steak paired with sweet and sour Brussels sprouts and smoked cherries. The list of inventive pizzas will also help persuade diners in 1901 Restaurant that they’re experiencing a dining environment unlike any other in Chicago. Where else could you find a pizza topped with crispy chicken skin and celery? Or one made with roasted Brussels sprouts and pickled red onions? The menu, much like the broader venue of AceBounce itself, is a unique experience that pushes the envelope for fun and flavor without sacrificing on quality. So if you are looking for where to eat in Chicago, come to 1901 Restaurant at AceBounce!