Looking for Where to Eat in Chicago?


Don’t Settle for Hot Dogs 

Chicago is embracing the nickname of Culinary Capitol. The James Beard Award dinner has signed on keep Chicago as host city for another five years beyond 2016. Superstar chefs with national followings are choosing Chicago as the spot to open new restaurants and pilot exciting new culinary concepts.

Where to eat in Chicago

River North is a neighborhood that’s attracted lots of well known chefs and some of the best new restaurants in Chicago. The high concentration of hotels and tourist spots in the area immediately north of the Chicago River makes it a valuable spot for any restauranteur. Decent crowds of visitors and groups of diners make the journey to River North on a nightly basis, making it a top spot for socializing and dining any night of the week. A lot of restaurants in this neighborhood embrace Chicago’s traditional identity as a premiere steakhouse city. River North’s GT Prime is an example of a stylish spot for old-school steakhouse fare that expertly blends modern design with a tried-and-true approach to making excellent dishes.

Some of the most talented chefs in the world are concocting truly premium dining experiences using increasingly creative methods in downtown Chicago. 1901 at AceBounce borrows heaps of inspiration from traditional steakhouse recipes while infusing flavors from the Mediterranean and Asia into the menu. And patrons at 1901 can step from their seat in the restaurant onto a main space floor that’s decked out with 17 ping pong tables, including one directly from the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The West Loop has become a must-visit spot for food pilgrims in Chicago — Avec, Au Cheval and newcomer Duck Duck Goat, Stephanie Izzard’s Chicago-centric take on Chinese cuisine, are a few of the choice stops on the West Loop foodie circuit. This hotspot offers myriad experiences for diners who might be seeking tastes from all over the globe. Asian fusion, modern American, rustic Italian and Brazilian food are all represented in the area near the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Next time you find yourself  thinking of where to eat in Chicago, don’t settle for the hot dog joint on the corner (although sometimes it hits the spot, let’s be honest). Venture out for a taste of what makes Chicago truly special when it comes to restaurants.