It’s Britney Brunch

Celebrating one of the most iconic figures of the late 90’s/early 2000’s, Britney Spears


What do you say when you have bottomless mimosas, unlimited ping pong, & karaoke featuring one of the greatest & most iconic figures from the 90s?

Working For The Weekends

Drinks, Dancing, DJs!


Let’s get real Chicago. No matter your industry, we’re all working towards one thing – the Weekends.

Happy Hour

Monday - Friday, 4-7pm


You have not reached true happiness until you smash some balls in your happiest of hours. Come on down and cut loose.

Bottomless Brunch

Saturdays 12pm - 2pm


Shake off the drowsy weekend vibes with an energetic alternative to the typical brunch: ‘Bottomless Brunch’ beside the ping pong tables.

Ballin’ Birthdays


Yay, you did it! You’re about to make another 365 days around the sun and should be celebrating! Time to gather up all the people you care about to celebrate the real sun in their lives (you, because duh) for a ballin’ Chicago Birthday celebration!

Cheers Bach’s!


Your friend from pre-school. The crazy roommate from college who is definitely going to be wildly inappropriate. Your friends now. A couple coworkers. And… your MOM… all getting together to drink… While a wonderful tradition, Bachelorette parties have serious potential for awkwardness as different friends and family come together often for the first time. That’s where AceBounce comes in. Make us your first stop on what will surely be a crazy, long night – and we promise to get you off on the right foot.

Lunch Specials

Friday, 12-4pm


Fridays are for indulging a little bit- and with FULL $7 entrees by culinary genius Rick Gresh - how can you possibly justify a $10+ fast casual or delivery order?! Just come to AceBounce & leave feeling full, happy, and one hour closer to the end of the week.


Everyday, All day!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a video game projection mapped onto a ping pong table? We wondered too. That's why we created Wonderball. Projected onto a ping pong table, our tech tracks every hit you make across several proprietary games.

Industry Weekend

All Day Sunday & Monday


Chicago industry deserves more than a night, they deserve a whole weekend. Every Sunday & Monday let's give new meaning to "work hard, play hard."