Ballin’ Birthdays


Yay, you did it! You’re about to make another 365 days around the sun and should be celebrating! Time to gather up all the people you care about to celebrate the real sun in their lives (you, because duh) for a ballin’ Chicago Birthday celebration!

We know that one of the most nerve-racking moments of any birthday (or celebration for that fact) is when you bring together the different groups of people in your life into one room. For some that brings a weird social anxiety and you find yourself asking, “will they get along? Will my family be chill? What are my childhood best friends from high school that I still talk to actually be like if I introduce them to my Happy Hour coworkers that I actually like? Oh god, will my siblings be cool or are they gonna embarrass me? Should I not invite certain people because you know how they are around new people? Oh gosh, and we’re gonna be drinking? Do I even wanna go through these headaches? Ugh and imagine splitting the check afterwards. Do they have maid-of-honors or a best man to help plan birthdays??”

Listen, we 👏🏼get👏🏼it. 

That’s why celebrating what should be your glow-up year should be done at AceBounce! Ping pong is the perfect ice breaker for mixing your circle of friends & family. Once your siblings and co-workers start playing and sipping on a beer from the bucket, you’ll be golden.

And there’s no need to worry about splitting the check after the party – our birthday packages only cost $40 per person (inclusive of tax & tip!).

Plus- we’re here ready to celebrate! The balloons, birthday crowns, and party poppers are welcome! Give us a shout at [email protected] to learn more.

Birthday Party Package includes:

  • 1 hour of Peak Ping Pong time
  • A Bucket of Beer or Bubbles (1 bucket per 5 guests)
  • A sweet & sparkly Giant Cupcake
  • Pick-Any-3 Food Bites (off our bites menu)
  • Only $40/Person (inclusive of tax & tip!)

**Advanced reservation is required. Final head count & menu selections required 3 days in advance of booking. Food is replenished during time of reservation only. Final bill cannot be on split checks.