Where are you?

AceBounce is conveniently located in downtown Chicago at 230 N Clark.

Do you have other venues?

There are two Bounce venues in London, England – one in Farringdon and another in Old Street.

Do you have parking?

Yes! There is a public parking garage conveniently located around the corner from AceBounce and we offer parking validation 7 days/week. Parking at 200 N Clark St garage is $10 for up to 12 hours for AceBounce guests. Not bad!


Are kids allowed in the venue?

AceBounce welcomes kids in the venue during our off-peak hours: before 9pm Monday-Saturday and all day Sunday. After 9pm Monday-Saturday, AceBounce is a strictly over 21’s venue.

Can we wear costumes?

Absolutely! Do it. We may take photos…

Are you open for lunch?

We open for lunch Fridays from 12 to 4pm. Monday – Thursday we open at 4pm.

Do I need to book a table?

AceBounce is a venue for groups. Advance booking is available (and highly recommended) for groups of six or more – just send a booking inquiry, and one of our Reservations team will get back to you. Each day a certain number of tables are set aside for ‘walk-in guests’ and smaller groups; however if in high demand they will tend to develop a significant waiting list very quickly. These tables will be allocated on a first come first served basis and are much more accessible during off-peak periods: after 8pm Monday – Thursday; from 12 – 4PM Friday & Saturday; and all day Sunday.

How long is the wait for walk-in ping pong tables?

The walk-in ping pong tables are allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis – just ask our reception team, who will be delighted to notify you of the next available table. Walk-in tables will be much more accessible during off peak periods (after 8pm Monday – Thursday; from 12 – 4PM Friday & Saturday; and all day Sunday).

Why can't I book a ping pong table for a group less than six?

You can! Groups of less than six can book a ping pong table during our quieter times (off-peak period: after 8pm Monday – Thursday; from 12 – 4PM Friday & Saturday; and all day Sunday).

Do you have to pay to play?

Yes. Ping pong table fees are:
$22 per table for 30mins, or $39 per hour, before 8pm Monday – Thursday; after 4PM Friday & Saturday
$15 per table for 30mins, or $25 per hour, after 8pm Monday – Thursday; from 12 – 4PM Friday & Saturday; and all day Sunday.

How long can I have the ping pong tables for?

Advanced ping pong table bookings can have a duration of up to two hours depending on the group size. Walk-in table bookings usually vary between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the number of guests and table availability.

Can I extend my ping pong table reservation if I want to play longer?

If you can’t get enough ping pong, speak to the reception team on arrival to the venue regarding a longer playing time. If there is some availability they will be more than happy to add time, relative to your group size, otherwise they can offer you the next available table.

Which ping pong table will I be on? Can I request a table?

Ping pong table numbers are allocated the day of your booking. We try our best to accommodate all requests, however from time to time we may need to move some things around. Certain tables are better suited for larger groups and we want each guest to get the most out of the AceBounce experience.

Do we have to bring our own paddles & balls?

No. Paddles and balls are provided for you and your guests.

How many paddles can I have?

Up to four paddles are provided with all ping pong table bookings. If you would like additional paddles, these can be requested with the reception team.

What is the standard of equipment?

Our tables are the highest standard Butterfly tables available and the paddles are top quality Butterfly paddles.

What time should we arrive for our booking?

Check-in with the reception team a couple of minutes before your booking and they will escort you to your ping pong table. If you arrive early, enjoy the cocktail bar and restaurant until your booking time.

Can we stay in the venue once the ping pong table is done?

Yes. Our venue has a fantastic restaurant and a beautiful bar area, where you are invited to move to after playing ping pong — in fact, it would be rude not to!

Why can't I reserve an area in the bar?

The bar and the booth seating are inclusive areas available for any guests on a first come first served basis. Guests are more than welcome to come and enjoy the AceBounce bar while waiting for a ping pong table as well as after your playing time.

Can we eat and drink at the ping pong table?

Yes. We have table service throughout the venue. A server will stop by and take your food and drink orders while playing at the ping pong table.

What kind of food do you serve?

AceBounce has partnered with critically acclaimed chef Rick Gresh to create a menu that exhibits a mixture of American, Mediterranean and Asian influences, concentrating on high quality ingredients and featuring local farmers and artisan producers.

Can we bring our own food/drink?

As AceBounce has a full service bar and restaurant, outside food and drink is not permitted.

Can I bring a cake?

Yes. You are welcome to bring a store-bought cake to the venue. Bring two so we can have one. The team will be more than happy to hold onto the cake and bring it out to your group when requested.

Can I play beer pong?

We were hoping you might… We have THE most special Beer Pong table you have ever laid your eyes on.

Do you show football/sports?

We will show all the most popular games and sports screenings on the huge screens around the venue – and you can always request to see your favorite team play!

Can I bring my tiny dog in? He is potty trained.

No. With the exception of guide dogs, we do not permit any animals in the venue.


What is a Premium Booking/Games Maker?

AceBounce Games Gurus organize, entertain, and award your event. Depending on the size and character of the group, they will put together a range of fun and energetic activities such as an entertaining ‘Games Showdown’ booking or a custom ‘AceBounce Doubles’ tournament. If you’re trying to create a unique event, celebrate a special occasion, or find a great team building activity, this is it. The Games Gurus will make sure that everyone gets involved and enjoys the event regardless of skill. Prices vary depending on the size of your group.

How much is it to book 'The Parlor' private room?

Rates for the private room vary depending on the day and time requested. Inclusive Rates (per person) are available for meetings and conferences. Please contact the Events Team: [email protected]

What is the capacity of the private room?

The private room can comfortably hold between 50-80 guests in its default setting of three ping pong tables, however furniture can be arranged to accommodate up to 100 guests.

Can we have a sit down meal in the private room?

Yes. The private room can accommodate a seated meal, sit down style, for up to 24 guests.

Do you offer space for meetings?

AceBounce has been designed with meetings and conferences in mind. Our private room is ideal for conferencing for up to 60 guests theater style and 28 boardroom. The main space can accommodate up to 160 seated guests with a 10ft wide cinematic screen and an HD projector. AceBounce offers both half day and full day inclusive rates and Ping Pong based team building add ons are available.

Do you offer a whole venue buy-out exclusive hire?

Yes, AceBounce can be hired as a whole venue for exclusive parties – minimum spends always apply. Contact the events team to discuss details: [email protected]